Standard Blood Tests and Sexual Health Blood Tests available on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday  including Bank Holidays - Please Book Online

Standard Blood Tests: 

1.Full Blood Count   2.Kidney Function Test – eGFR    3.Kidney Function Test – Urea / Creatinine / Electrolytes    4.Liver Profile - Liver Function Tests    5.Lipid Profile - Cholesterol    6.Thyroid Function Tests -Free T4    7.Thyroid Function Tests - TSH    8.Vitamin B12    9.Folate    10.Serum Ferritin   11.Iron Studies    12.Bone Profile    13.Magnesium   14.Diabetes – HbA1c

Sexual Health Blood Tests:  

1. Chlamydia   2.Gonorrhoea   3. HIV   4.Hepatitis B   5.Syphillis