UPDATE - Wednesday 25  March 2020

New Instructions from the National Public Emergency Team

·         All restrictions on movement to remain in place until Sunday 19 April 2020.

·         All non-essential visits to your home are prohibited. 

·         There are now stricter eligibility criteria in place for referral for COVID-19 testing. 

·         Isolation / Restricted Movement  - new information for you and those that share your home:  


Changes to the testing criteria in respect of patients who have already been referred for testing:

·         All existing applications for testing (made prior to Wed 25 March 2020) are cancelled.

·         Patients who have already been tested for COVID-19  will be processed as normal. 

·         Tests for health care workers are still being processed. 


·        If you have been directed to self-isolate you must complete the full 14 days.

·         Countdown of the 14 days started on the day that the Doctor directed you to self-isolate.

New Appliction for testing for COVID-19:

If you have symptoms and wish to be assessed for testing under the new stricter criteria for referral for testing, please complete the online questionnaire (it takes 2 minutes). Click here to complete registration - website https://NassauClinic.ie/ 


1. From Wednesday 25 March on, how do I arrange to be tested?

You must complete the following online questionnaire (it will take less than two minutes to complete). Our Doctors will review your application for testing and respond later this evening or tomorrow. The yellow COVID-19 questionnaire can be found on the first page of our website https://NassauClinic.ie/

If our Doctors determine that you meet the new stricter eligibility criteria for COVID-19 Testing, the referral will be made by the Doctor using the HSE’s Health Link National Electronic Referral System.

2. If you have received an SMS  on or after Wednesday 25 March 2020:
- to inform you that you have been referred for testing  and 

- if you are still waiting to be tested or waiting to receive your test result

You must remain in self-isolation for 14 days (from the date of receiving the SMS text notification). 

In addition, the following people are to restrict their own movements for 14 days or until such time as your test result is reported back as NEGATIVE.

(a)   each person that shares your home


(b)   each person that visits your home

3. I am on the waiting list for testing – what happens next?

Our Doctors do not know the date of your test and we cannot speed up the testing process.  You will receive a text or telephone call from the Central COVID-19 Testing Team:

(a)   to advise of the date, time and location where the testing will take place

(b)   to give you a 5-digit reference number (“TAG No.”) that you must present at the Testing Centre

4. After Testing what happens next?

Note – our Doctors have no role in advising you of your test result.

If a Negative Test Result – you will be informed by SMS text message from the Central COVID-19 Testing Team.

If a Positive Test Result – the public health team will contact, you. They need to trace each person that you have been in contact with – please start preparing this list now and include the name of each person and their mobile telephone.

5. I need a "Medical Certificate of Incapacity for Work" to claim Illness Benefit for being absent from work while self-isolating?

When our Doctors direct a worker to self-isolate, the patient will be issued with a confirmation by us via SMS text message. We also send your "Medical Certificate of Incapacity for Work" electronically by E-Certificate directly to the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP).

If you complete an Illness Benefit Form (IB1) and submit to the DEASP you can claim an enhanced Illness Benefit payment for 2 weeks. The IB1 form will soon be available to you online on the Irish Government website www.gov.ie  Alternatively, you can telephone the DEASP helpline at 1890 800 024 to request that an IB1 form be posted out to you.