1. Make an application to find out if you meet the eligibility criteria to be tested?  

If you have symptoms and wish to be assessed for testing, please complete our online COVIDA.ie questionnaire (it takes 2 minutes).

Our Doctors will review your application for testing and respond later today (usually within 1 hour) to discuss whether you meet the criteria set by the Health Service Executive (HSE)to qualify to be tested. If our Doctors determine that you meet the eligibility criteria for COVID-19 Testing, the referral will be made by the Doctor using the HSE’s Health Link National Electronic Referral System.

2. I am on the waiting list for testing – what happens next?

Our Doctors do not know the date of your test and we cannot speed up the testing process. You will receive a text or telephone call from the Central COVID-19 Testing Team:

(a)   to advise of the date, time and location where the testing will take place

(b)   to give you a 5-digit reference number (“TAG No.”) that you must present at the Testing Centre.

3. After Testing what happens next?

 Note – our Doctors have no role in advising you of your test result.

If a Negative Test Result – you will be informed by SMS text message from the Central COVID-19 Testing Team.

If a Positive Test Result – the public health team will contact, you. They need to trace each person that you have been in contact with – please start preparing your list of people and their mobile telephone numbers.

Latest Advice from the HSE on COVID-19

In a life-Threatening Emergency Dial 999 or 112