Q1. What is Weekend Doctor?

Weekend Doctor provides urgent out-of-hours Doctor care when your regular Doctor is not available. The Doctor that you will meet in our Dublin City Centre Clinic is registered with the Irish Medical Council (IMC - Specialist Register) and is also a member of the Irish College of General Practitioners (MICGP).


We are a complementary service offering the advantages of convenience and accessibility at a time when your regular Doctor is not available. We do not replace the relationship you have with your existing GP. Continuity of care is provided through your own GP and for that reason, with your consent, your consultation notes will be forwarded to your regular GP.

Q2. Email Consultations?

No consultation will be conducted via email. If patients have clinical queries we ask that they make an appointment to see the doctor - www.Nassau.ie/book

Q3. Can I get a sick note?

The doctor will assess you and if they deem it medically appropriate, they will issue you with a Private Doctor Medical Certificate. For the most common health problems, such as back pain and mild to moderate anxiety and depression, advice to stay at work or return to work early is recommended for a better clinical outcome.


Q4. Can I get a Social Welfare Certificates, MC1/MC2?

No. Weekend Doctor does not issue Social Welfare Certs.

Q5. Benzos, Z Drugs, Opioids?

In an emergency, at the doctor’s discretion, we prescribe the lowest possible dose for the shortest possible duration, until your regular GP is available to see you. A second prescription will not be issued. Lost prescriptions will not be replaced.