"Medical Certificate of Incapacity for Work"

When our Doctors direct a worker /self employed worker to self-isolate, that patient can claim €350 per week COVID-19 Illness Benefit payment for a maximum of 2 weeks (total €700) from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP). 

 Before the DEASP make this special COVID payment they require two documents -  

(i)   "Medical E-Certificate of Incapacity for Work" - signed by the Doctor. This E-Certificate is sent by the Doctor directly to the DEASP. There is no physical paper version- this is an electronic only E-Certificate.


(ii) "Illness Benefit (IB1) Form" -online form signed by you.

The IB1 form is available online here   https://services.mywelfare.ie/en/topics/covid-19-payments/illness-benefit/   Alternatively, you can telephone the DEASP helpline at 1890 800 024 to request that an IB1 form be posted out to you.