The Nassau Clinic is an approved PrEP Provider. This means that if you meet the HSE eligibility criteria for FREE PrEP, Nassau Clinic will register you with the HSE. Once registered, whenever the Nassau Clinic issues you with a prescription for PreP you can then get FREE PrEP medication.


To avail of free PrEP you need to:

i) test negative for HIV

ii)  complete kidney function blood tests

iii) meet some additional criteria –

Click Here to Check if you are eligible for FREE PrEP Medication


You can book an appointment using the red “Book an Appointment” button or

Click Here to BOOK a PrEP STI Screen + Prescription (cost €150)


€150 is the cost of the private medical consultation (which includes blood and other laboratory tests) required prior to the issuance of the PrEP prescription.


It is recommended that when using PrEP that you are fully vaccinated against Hepatitis A & B (3 injections at 0, 1 and 6 months at a cost €80 each time).

You should also consider the HPV vaccination course (Gardasil 9). It is a course of 3 vaccinations at 0, 2 and 6 months.   The cost of each vaccine is €230 (Total €690).

In a life-Threatening Emergency Dial 999 or 112