Free HIV Test (4th Generation) every Sunday (book online - choose option 6)

Weekend Doctor - Nassau Sexual Health Clinic is a discreet and confidential private sexual health clinic in the heart of Dublin City, one minute walk from Grafton Street, Dublin 2 and beside Trinity College. Our STI Clinic / STD Clinic conveniently located on Nassau Street, offers convenient online services allowing  you to book a check-up in your own time.  We are proud to be connected to the people of Dublin, supplying care that, regardless of sex, gender, sexuality or lifestyle meets the needs of all patients. Book an appointment online or by telephone.

Dr. Liam Regan has completed the Sexually Transmitted Infections Foundation Course of the British Association for Sexual Health & HIV (BASHH) and has worked in the Ambrose King Sexual Health Centre, Barts and the London NHS Trust.

HIV PrEP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis)
If you’re taking PrEP, it’s really important to get the right advice, run some tests, check you don’t have Hepatitis B, make sure that any other drugs or supplements you take don’t interact with PrEP and that you don’t have any other health problems that might be an issue. 

HIV PrEP involves taking pills containing the drugs Tenofovir & Emtricitabine to protect you from catching HIV. It works really well if you take it correctly. For more information about PrEP and how to take it, we recommend that you read the HSE PrEP information leaflet:

STI Test

You will have your tests carried out in a comfortable and sympathetic environment. We offer rapid HIV testing with results available in 20 minutes and an STI screen with results available in 3 - 7 working days. 

This is a screening clinic. We manage and treat some positive test results. More complex positive results will require onward referral to a specialist clinic. 

We also offer Vaccination against Hepatitis A and B and HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). 

- Hepatitis A & B (€60 per injection at 0,1,6 months  )   

- Hepatitis B        (€60 per injection at 0,1,6 months  )  

- Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)  (€230 per injection at 0,2,6 months  )  

The presence of genital herpes and genital warts is established by means of visual observation by the Doctor of either a herpetic blister or a wart. 

If you would like a chaperone present during an intimate examination please advise us before the consultation commences.

€160 Full STI Screen including Rapid HIV Test

This is a 4th generation Rapid HIV test with results in 20 minutes.

Blood Tests for 


2.Hepatitis B. 


Urine & Swabs for 

4. Chlamydia and 

5. Gonorrhoea  (please do not pass urine for at least 2 hour before examination.) 

€130 STI Screen (no Rapid HIV Test)

Blood Tests for 


2. Hepatitis B. 


Urine & Swabs for 

4. Chlamydia and 

5. Gonorrhoea (please do not pass urine for at least 2 hour before examination.)

€80 Post Diagnosis Treatment of 
Gonorrhoea  / Chlamydia & TOC
This price covers the cost of a test-of-cure (TOC) which this clinic will provide 2 to 3 weeks after treatment (as required). 

€150 Pre Exposure Prophylaxis PrEP HIV Consultation & Prescription

€100 Rapid HIV test (result in 20 minutes)  

"Window Period" - Recommended time from exposure to HIV test